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About Us

We are you .... and no we're not trying to be spiritual or philosophical. 

If you were born in or after 1997, you would classify as a 'Generation Z' individual. You know, the same Gen Z that most Boomers and Millennials would associate with hedonism, laziness, and fragility. 

We often see global leaders and success figures talk about their experiences....their journey through life. What we don't see often is Gen Z or University students sharing their own life stories and struggles. Until now...


Get to know us a little




I'm a Marketing and Management bachelors student at The Australian National University (ANU). I'm a fitness enthusiast, highly extroverted and a workaholic; who believes there is no end to how much knowledge one can learn. Because of this, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling to new places and learning new skills. When I'm not thinking of podcasts or stuck in self-isolation, I like to go rock climbing, play guitar, cook up a meal or listen to audiobooks.


Co - Founder

I’m a photographer and a Comp Science student studying in ANU. I’ve been a student athlete my entire life. I was competing in national tennis tournaments in Singapore during the weekends while serving full time national service for 2 years 2017-2019 before joining university. In contrast to Akash, I’m introverted as you can probably tell by my college major.



The Modern Z was conceived as a platform to share ideas. Often individuals who have something worthwhile to share about their lives, are unable to do due to the fear of being judged, or misunderstood. What they needed was a platform, a channel to come together and intereract with like minded people. The Modern Z is that platform. 

Here you have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideals, values and experience in the form of a podcast, or a blog post; regardless of which part of the world you're from. On our channel, we provide access to content created by you, to inspire people like you. If you're Gen Z, a university student or just someone who wants their voice to be heard, we are here. We aren't special, we're just university students with an outspoken attitude towards life. 

We live in a big world. A world that has labelled us as an 'entitled' generation. 
Help us make it smaller by sharing your story. 


The Modern Z